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12/09/2023 09:58:42 AM


Hin’ni, Humility and Leadership

21/09/2023 09:46:42 AM


Shalom dear friends,

Every year, when preparing the “Hin’ni”(“Here I am”) prayer, I admit I feel a little silly.  Rosh Hashanah is the Day of Judgement, and obviously a sincere Jewish congregation wants for its Shliach Tzibbur (“Emissary of the Congregation”) to be an Anav…..someone who is humble. This make sense….and then it is followed by me theatrically walking up from the back of...Read more...

The Importance of Minyan Attendance, by Cantor Ron Donenfeld, Director of Spiritual Engagement

13/09/2023 12:51:05 PM


Minyan attendance holds great significance in living a Jewish life. In the Babylonian Talmud, communal prayer is profoundly emphasized in Masekhet Berakhot 6b. The Talmud says, "Wherever ten are found, there the Shechina (The Divine Presence) rests,". This stresses the principle that even our regular minyanim of regular Jews, together forms a holy collective,  in which our unity actually enhances our Divine connection. As Jews, we have a...Read more...

Fri, 22 September 2023 7 Tishrei 5784