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Morning Minyan Coupons

Click here to purchase 24 morning minyan coupons for $24.  

Once purchased, your sheet of minyan coupons will be left in the Chapel on the Rabbis podium in a sealed envelope with your name on it. 

You will receive a full tax receipt for your donation.


The  Czech Torah Project at Beth Emeth

Click to follow our Intrepid Sofer Rabbi Aaron Dov Zacks and photographer extra-ordinaire Sheldon Zelsman  as we follow their journey to restore our latest Torah acquisition!


             For more information and to register:   Click Here!


Momentum Women's Trip


Beth Emeth is partnering with JWRP to enable our members to join other women from around the world for a revitalizing year of self-exploration. Your journey begins with 8 days in Israel. To learn more, go to


Welcome to Beth Emeth


Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue fosters a full and joyous way of life proudly rooted in a heritage of traditional Conservative Judaism, and committed to Jewish values, education, spiritual well-being and community. 


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Grease! The Megillah.

Sat, 26 May 2018 12 Sivan 5778