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Volunteer Opportunities

The Communications Committee is seeking volunteers to assist with calling shul members to update member profile information. If you would like to help, please contact Freda Marcovitch at or (416) 633-3838.

Chesed & Volunteer Opportunities


The Marty Keshen Chesed Committee

"The world stands on three pillars - on Torah, on Prayer Service, 
and on performing deeds of loving kindness" (Ethics of the Sages)

Do you know of an ill member? 
Do you know of a member unable to leave home?

The Marty Keshen Chesed Committee is available to make hospital, retirement & private home and shiva visits to members! We welcome new volunteers too! Join us - and perform a Mitzvah.

Please call the office at 416.633.3838 or email Rochelle Kerzner at
if you know of someone in need of a visit from our Clergy or Chesed Committee members. 

Tue, 27 October 2020 9 Cheshvan 5781