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A speedy recovery for the rabbi and anyone else

26/01/2023 09:01:50 AM


The joke is told about the chairman of the synagogue board visiting the rabbi who is recuperating in the hospital after a procedure. The Shul representative informs the rabbi of some really good news. The board voted and passed a resolution with fifteen in favor and fourteen opposed to wish their rabbi a Refuah Shlemah, a complete and speedy recovery.

This Friday, January 27, I will be undergoing a minor surgical procedure. I will be using two weeks of my allotted vacation time as a medical leave to heal and renew my energy. I will be returning to rabbinic service on Shabbat February 11. 

In the early Torah portions of Sefer Shmot, the Book of Exodus, we are introduced to the Torah's three main figures - Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Toward the end of their legacy, we read how Moses prayed for his sister after she was stricken with an illness. In the Torah's shortest prayer text, Moses says, "El Na Refa Na La - God, please heal her, please." In both Hebrew and English, the first prayer for health contains just five words. Over time, these words would inspire the blessing for healing in the weekday Amidah as well as the familiar Mi She'berach prayer for healing.

May all of us have people who pray for our wellbeing when we are ill or injured. I wish everyone good health, a caring family, and a supportive community.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Howard Morrison

Wed, 29 May 2024 21 Iyyar 5784