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The youth are coming

08/12/2022 09:03:54 AM


During the current Hebrew month of Kislev, we are encouraging youth and young families to take over synagogue life. 

Tomorrow night, after Kabbalat Shabbat services, our synagogue Shabbat dinner is focused on the primacy of young families.

On Thursday December 15, we will hold our second monthly Bnai Mitzvah dinner program. Young men and women who will celebrate their milestones beginning March 2023 through February 2024 are invited with their families to attend. Our theme this month will be "Ask the Rabbi."

On Shabbat morning December 17, we will hold our first young families Shabbat morning service followed by lunch, beginning at 10:30AM. Guy Mannheim, who oversaw our young family High Holy Day services, will  be spearheading these services on a monthly basis.

On Sunday afternoon December 18, all are invited to usher in the first light of Chanukah at 5PM, during which time we will sing, rejoice, and begin to light the Chanukiah for the first of the eight nights of the Festival.

This month culminating with Chanukah is truly a time to celebrate the continuous miracle of the Jewish family. Mattathias and his five children, known as the Maccabees, ensured the continuity of Jewish life over 2000 years ago.

Our current Torah readings from Bereishit-Genesis center around the very first Jewish families in our history: Abraham-Sarah, Isaac-Rebecca, Jacob-Rachel/Leah, etc. These family narratives connect the contemporary Jewish family to 4000 years of our heritage.

I now invite our young families to actively participate in this month's menu of special events.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Howard Morrison

Sat, 22 June 2024 16 Sivan 5784