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from Rabbi Morrison

A note on Passover that begins on a Saturday night:

When Passover starts on a Saturday night, "Erev Pesach " is stretched over three days.

1. The fast/feast of the firstborn, which would normally be on Passover eve, is pushed two days earlier, so that we do not have to fast on Shabbat or Friday. So, the traditional Siyyum for the firstborn will be held on Thursday morning.

2. Then, Thursday night is when we search for chametz by candlelight 

3. Kitchens should be completely switched over to Kosher for Passover and we get rid of almost all our chametz by burning it or selling it by the sixth hour of the day on Friday.

But what about challah on Shabbat? For Shabbat meals, there are two solutions:

1. Eat chametz, but very carefully. The chametz sale document, and the way we dispose of chametz, has a loophole for any chametz that we are planning to eat on the rest of Friday evening or Shabbat morning. We can therefore hold back enough challah for Shabbat dinner and Shabbat lunch. We finish eating chametz by the fifth hour, and dispose of any leftovers by the sixth. Leftovers can be discarded - rendered inedible. At that time, we recite the "Kol Chamira" formula (normally recited when burning the chametz) that cancels any remaining chametz.

2. "Egg matzah" is not technically considered matzah, but is also not chametz, as it is similar to bread. It is possible to use two sheets of it in the place of challah, and thus be totally kosher for Passover.

Sun, 9 May 2021 27 Iyyar 5781