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Various copies of the Kesher. The Kesher won recognition from the United Synagogues of America for the high quality of the publication.







Dish used by one of the original caterers. The initials B and E appear on the plate separated by a magen David.




CJN article about our member, Sally Eisner, who bore witness to the Holocaust and spoke to various student groups about her first-hand experiences. This was an important way for survivors to ensure that the details about the Holocaust were never forgotten or denied









Our motto was: The World of Jewish Experience, and our logo was an open scroll with many Hebrew letters but Beth Emeth prominent in the forefront.




Donation cards in honour or memory of individuals. The design shows the doors of the Aron Kodesh in the main sanctuary. Donations were made to any number of initiatives or committees and names of donors were published in the Kesher







Pamphlets to welcome new and prospective members to the shule. Various activities and events are outlined. Some of the paperwork for application is included.




A picture showing some of the past presidents: Top (from left to right): Harvey Schiller, Sheldon Serota, Eric Goldberg, Ari Hochman, Gord Garshewitz; Front row (from left to right): Harry Turk, Dave Anisman, Pearl Grundland, Marvin Fox and Aubish Himmel






Three flyers from the Youth Department showing some of the interesting and exciting offerings for young children.








Small booklet entitled How to Meet Sorrow, prepared by Rabbi Kelman and used to instruct the congregants. He also prepared other instructional booklets regarding holiday celebrations








A laminated brochure explaining the Ezra and Kadima School










Affixing a mezuzah to the door of the Youth Room in the basement of the shule. The man with the hammer was Harry Nussenbaum (z”l).










Music booklet (copyright 1995) arranged by Charles Heller, who was our Music Director






In the early years, each shule president was given a gold ring. This artifact is the wood mold for the ring.









Metal ink stamp used for various documents.







An undated and unsigned letter inviting the shule to consider amortizing building fund dues over extended periods of time to alleviate financial burden for families and encourage more membership. Note that member families at that time numbered under 750. Now we are 1400 plus families.





Torah Dedication. Rabbi Kelman is in the centre of the picture and to his right, Mrs. Ruth Kelman.

Thu, 8 December 2022 14 Kislev 5783