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Once a month we held a volunteer recognition ceremony on Shabbat to honour various committees at the shule. The program was started and run by Deanie Rumack. Each member of that committee was the recipient of a pin and wore it with honour and pride. They also received Certificates of Appreciation. Enclosed in the small box is the pin and an explanation of the design. Rouhama Danto, wife of Cantor Danto, suggested the Hebrew wording. Also included is the rough note of an article for the Canadian Jewish News written by Sid Rumack.







October 31, 2002:
Booklet and other paperwork for the “Sons of the Sepharad” concert. We had many music events since music was so important to our shule.







One of the many trips which our shule has taken to Israel. Shown in the first picture from right to left are Rabbi Morrison, David Anisman, and Della Bader. In the second picture, Rabbi Morrison is in the centre, Dov Brickman (z”l) is to his right, wearing the blue jacket, white hat and dark sunglasses. To his right is Dave Anisman.








Chanukah 2004:
Golden Jubilee of the shule explaining many of the activities of the year-long celebration.








Megillat Hashoah: the Shoah Scroll - Alex Eisen, a survivor of the Holocaust, had a vision to have a scroll created in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust. Many members of BEBY were involved in the making of the booklet.







May 12, 2004:
Sigmund Reiser (z”l) was honoured as the Yakir Hakahal. The Yakir Hakahal, Precious Community Award, was established to honour outstanding individuals who have devoted themselves to BEBY Synagogue or the world community. Each recipient of the award received a beautiful sculpture exclusively designed by Misha Frid, an acclaimed artist. The evening program is included in the book.







History of the shule including 1959 – Sunday, April 5 – Ground breaking ceremonies. This document is the original version of the information package, which includes some editing. Parts of this document were included in the 50th Jubilee documents.








We celebrated our 50th anniversary. Included in the booklet are pictures and historical accounts of highlights of our accomplishments over the 50 years. The invitation is also included.







various notes prepared by Rabbi Kelman and others, delivered during the 50th Anniversary year.






May 2005:
BEBY Sanctuary seating plan







November 17, 2005:
Our Yakir Hakahal recipient of the year was Mike Feldman, Past President and very active in local politics.





Rosalie Shadlyn received the Eishet Hayil Award from Beth Emeth for her leadership and inspiration.







Letter from Rabbi Kelman to Alan Snow and Jerry Colomby congratulating them on the 50th Minyan dinner, a monthly dinner started in 2002 as a social activity for those who were saying Kaddish. It has continued every month, without a break, up to and including the time of writing in 2017.





A calendar that has events listed and pictures of various places around the shule. The cover shows the parking lot entrance.









October 28, 2007:
A program from “Walking in the Footsteps of Sarah, Our Matriarch,” which was a special event held to honour a group of women from Sisterhood who were loyal volunteers.








The Stained Glass Windows Research paper, including colour pictures, written by Or Har-Gil, outlining the significance of each of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary.









For a time, we published calendars which were funded through advertising





February 8, 2008:
Invitation to a Kabbalat Shabbat dinner honouring new members






May 11, 2008:
We held a very successful Art Expo, displaying the incredible artwork of a number of our members. Included here are some of the emails, the flyers for the day, the floor plan and the final report.








November 12, 2008:
Rabbi Kelman was honoured as the Yakir Hakahal.













Brochure for the synagogue Renewal campaign where we put in new stained glass windows in our Chapel. 




May 31, 2009:
the 29th Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Jewish Congress held at the shule

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