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April 26, 1990:
Flyer outlining coming events at the shule. Of special note is the mention of Operation Exodus, which was the project to help Jews who previously were barred from leaving the Soviet Union to immigrate to Israel. Avram Gossack spearheaded this activity at the shule.








A Testament of Song. This booklet of music was collected by Charles Heller, our Choir Director for many years.



Several pictures of the library and librarian, Rachel Fain. There is a picture of Irving Cooper (z”l) (on the right) and Cy Loomer (z”l) (on the left), who made up the Library Committee for many years. Children from the Hebrew School regularly came to the library to reference support material and read books. Additionally, there were storytelling activities run for a time on Shabbat mornings for the children while their parents were praying. There is a plaque in the library honouring the work and dedication of both Irving Cooper and Cy Loomer.



September 3, 1992:
Article from the Canadian Jewish News and pictures of the Assistant Rabbi, Rabbi Schneider, and a group of BEBY members who regularly visited Jewish inmates in the Warkworth Institution, a medium security penitentiary. Such visits were started in the 1960s by Rabbi Kelman, who was often accompanied on piano by his wife, Ruth, and Rosalie Shadlyn, who sang to the inmates.  Also included is the application for the Torch Award, which the shule won, for our outreach work.







Annual reports to the Board of all arms of the shule





May 2, 1992:
We held a Health and Wellness Information Fair that included exhibits from over 30 different foundations and organizations. It was extremely well organized and highly successful in raising awareness about various health concerns of the general public. Folder contains emails and planning notes about the fair.







May 9, 1993:
newsletter outlining Shavuot services and including information about the upcoming elections for Board of Directors.






May 28, 1993:
Newsletter announcing the engagement of Rabbi Jay Kelman to Ilana Abrams. Jay is one of the children of Rabbi and Ruth Kelman, and he himself became a rabbi, as did his brother. In the newsletter is the plea for support to help extricate Jews from the Soviet Union, which was foremost on the minds of many Jews around the world at the time.








Ocotber 30, 1993:
book to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our amazing Chazzan Loius Danto at our shule. He had a huge impact on the shule we are today.






A binder outlining a unique Chanukah program for Jewish inmates, which won the Solomon Schecter Award. It is an offshoot of the visitation program from the Brotherhood.








March 1994:
Planning Study - The strategic plan for the growth of the shule









A tape of the Choir, the Zemer Chorale, led by Cantor Danto and conducted by Charles Heller. We had a women’s choir and a children’s choir at that time.   








January 1995:
A mini-Kesher explaining Shabbat Shira, noting the speech by Judy Feld Carr, who orchestrated the rescue of thousands of Jews trapped in Syria.








Ocotber 1996:
Beth Emeth supports a variety of initiatives in Israel. This plaque recognizes our help at the Soldiers’ Rest Camp in Ashkelon, Israel








April 29, 1996:
Flyer for a Sisterhood sponsored evening with our member Rosalie Shadlyn as guest speaker.





November 2, 1997:
We commissioned a new Torah and members paid for words, phrases and paragraphs. We called the program the Rabbi Joseph Kelman Endowment Fund for Jewish Continuity and the Siyum Hatorah Campaign. The certificate acknowledges the contribution of the Loterman family.








November 9, 1997:
Book to honour Rabbi Kelman’s 38 years of spiritual leadership at the shule.







November 9, 1997: 
letter from the local Member of Parliament to acknowledge Rabbi Kelman’s retirement.




June 12, 1999:
An article in the CJN about Ruth Kelman’s passing

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