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May 1971:
Shule Bulletin marking the Dedication of a Torah by the Barenholtz family in honour of the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Barenholtz.




Spring 1972:
Bat Mitzvahs were organized as part of the Shavuot services and girls had group Bat Mitzvahs. At that time, they were allowed to read certain prayers but not to participate in any Torah activities. In the front row, second from the left is Brenda Cooper, (not related to the Cooper twins), beside her and behind her are the Cooper twins, (Sharon and Fern) daughters of Jerry and Lily. The girl on the far right first row is Roberta Snider. Rabbi Kelman is in the centre.







1973 - 1974:
Sisterhood booklet includes their accomplishments (most notably having women get voting rights), list of numerous members and their responsibilities, times to light Shabbat candles, ideas for mitzvot.








Hebrew Men of England joined Beth Emeth. There is a newspaper picture showing the transfer of the Torahs. Middle right is Abe Martin (z”l);, centre second last row is Harry Turk and behind him is Nelson Ludwig. First row far right is Albert Mend (z”l).







June 4, 1975:
Notes from remarks from Rabbi Kelman on the parallels between the shared historical path of Ezra Kadima and the State of Israel. Although, at the time of writing, Kadima is facing funding challenges, the shule is working hard to keep the program running


1976-1977 & 1977-1978:
Sisterhood booklet. Of special note is the list of activities that the members participated in, including supporting Soviet Jewry, distribution of Bride’s books, a visitation committee and more. They had their finger in many functions and were well represented in all the activities of the shule. The list reflects the mentality of the generation, in the sense that everyone felt obligated to participate on some level; they could not take for granted that the shule would continue to exist without their input. Unfortunately, but for a variety of reasons, we have the same kind of commitment from only a small percentage of people today.







November 18 1977:
Rabbi Kelman received a note from Rabbi Burak (z”l), of Beth Jacob synagogue, which is located kitty corner to Beth Emeth. Their shule was damaged by fire, perhaps arson, and Beth Emeth opened its doors to them. We are a Conservative shule and they are an Orthodox shule, but we found a way to work together and to help a neighbour continue to pray without interruption.








Torah dedication. Cantor Danto (z”l), Wilf Kideckel (z”l), Rabbi Kelman, Fred Stoll (z”l) in the forefront.











November 19, 1979:
flyer put out by the Sisterhood using the letters of the word sisterhood to explain the goals and pursuits of an active sisterhood group. It was written by Ruth Kelman, who played a very active role in the Sisterhood.

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