Lay Leadership

Michael Kerzner
Michael S. Kerzner | President 

Businessman (family real estate consulting and Investment company), husband of Rochelle and father to Seth, Aaron and Shaina. Past Chairman of the Board & Vice President (2012-2015). A strong advocate for good governance, prudent financial management and volunteerism.

I am delighted to serve as President of this iconic Congregation. Beth Emeth remains unique amongst our peers; built on a solid foundation of Traditional Conservative religious values and practices together with a concern for the wellbeing of our greater Community. One of the greatest mantras of our Synagogue is in the understanding that our Members are our greatest asset. Their experiences must always exceed their expectations. 

During my term as President I hope to build on our strengths, develop new and exciting programs and initiatives and continue our reputation of being a warm, concerned and caring congregation. 

At Beth Emeth we have been blessed with consistently passionate, thoughtful and devoted leadership. I hope to continue this tradition!


Michael (Morris) Sugarman | Vice-President / GAASC CHAIR

I've grown up in the Bathurst Manor, having had my Bar Mitzvah here 30 years ago.  I returned to the neighborhood with my family and after my father passed away, reconnected with our Shul.  I run my own consulting business and have experience with a vast array of businesses that have added to my own skill set as a trained lawyer and computer consultant.  I view our Shul from both a traditional conservative Jewish past, which I respect for its uniqueness and sense of tradition. I’m also cognizant of the modern reality of changing demographics, increased costs, and a shrinking pool of new members.  I believe we need to market our uniqueness, our respect for tradition, and our longevity in the community.  I am also a realist who understands the tough times the conservative movement is going through and the tough decisions that are required to be made to keep this Shul vibrant and a warm welcoming place for joyous and not so joyous occasions. I believe in accountability to the members and fiscal responsibility for the hard earned money we members contribute to the Shul.  I look forward to the challenges and rewards that will come from serving on the Board.



Allan Snow | Vice President / CHAIR MDSC 

ALLAN SNOW ~ Occupation; Operations and Technology Consultant. Married at Beth Emeth and joined with wife Susan in 1982 with 4 children which are all members. Has served as Membership Chairman from 2003 to 2007. Has served as Chair of the Adjustment Committee from 2003 to 2007. Has served as Catering Chairman and Web Development Co-Chair.

Has served on the House, Computer, and Choir Director Search Committees. Helped start the Young Professionals Group. Graduated from the Beth Emeth Leadership Development Program. Facilitated the first 5 Yakir Hakahal Honouree Dinners & Tribute Books. Facilitated the Jubilee Dinner & Tribute Book honouring our past 50 years. Co-founded the weekly Hashkamah Minyan held on Saturdays at 7:30 am. 

Co-founded the Monthly Minyan Dinner, now in its 11th year. Joined the Executive in 2005 as 3rd Vice President, after serving on the Board of Governors, chairing the Membership Development Steering Committee. 2007 - 2nd Vice President, chairing the Financial Development Steering Committee. 2008/2009 - Vice President, chairing the Governance & Administration Steering Committee 2010/2011 - Served on the Governance & Administration Steering Committee & the Financial Development Steering Committee.

Malcolm Weinstein | Vice-President / Treasurer / CHAIR FDSC

I have been a member of Beth Emeth since 2005 and have been a Board member since 2010, and Treasurer for the past 3 years. I am currently Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Chair of the Audit Committee, Chair of the Adjustments Committee, Chair of the Investments Committee and a member of the Ritual Committee.

Over the past number of years I have become more and more active in the Shul community and in 2014 I moved into The “Manor”. I attend daily and Shabbat services on a regular basis, often leading the davening and have also led services in the main sanctuary. I also lead services at Shiva houses when needed.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with over 34 years of public accounting experience I believe that I can make a significant contribution in leading Beth Emeth through the challenges it faces, both now and in the future, especially from a financial and continuity perspective. I am committed to seeing Beth Emeth flourish and grow and to this end my energy, drive and effort can make a difference.

I have been instrumental in facing head-on the financial challenges of the Synagogue and I am committed to ensure that the policies and procedures put into place over the past few years are continued, built and improved upon. 

TBA | Secretary

Bernard S. Schwartz, CPA,C.A. | Immediate Past- President

As Immediate Past President of Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue and as a shul member for over 30 years I am deeply committed to the enhancement of member services and programs while at the same time being fiscally responsible.  During my tenure on the Board and Executive and particularly as President, I have worked diligently to improve Beth Emeth’s financial position while maintaining the level of customer service that our members are worthy of.  Strategizing on how to grow our membership roster should be a priority, however I believe that our primary focus should be to continue our emphasis on “Relational Judaism” and enrich our current members’ experiences so that they are proud to call Beth Emeth their spiritual home and the first place that they turn to for services, simchas and support. 


Mon, 25 September 2017 5 Tishrei 5778