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The Joseph & Sylvia Lichtman Twinning Program

As part of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience, we encourage everyone to consider participating in the Joseph and Sylvia Lichtman Twinning Program. 

Please speak to the office about how to purchase a paving stone dedicated in honour of a child. You may also go directly to the Yad Vashem web site and search for a child to twin with. Please see also the Children's Garden page for more information.    

The Samuel Edelstein Children's Garden honours and celebrates the memory of the children who perished in the Shoah. This landmark tribute will serve to honour the indomitable Jewish spirit represented by each child. For more information contact the synagogue office or speak with Rabbi David, 416-633-3838 x260 or

Fri, 23 July 2021 14 Av 5781