Shabbat Programming

Chocolate Seder

Imagine if everything at your seder was chocolate! This is the sweetest eduational program around! Register here:,

Weekly Shabbat Programs

NEW Mini Minyan! Grades 1-2

Weekly early elementary school-oriented Shabbat and holiday morning services from September to June (excluding school breaks). This is a special prayer service for our younger youth crowd, designed to bridge the gap between the Shabbat and Festival Gan Nursery Program and Junior Congregation. The program begins at 10AM outside the Chapel for Shmeer & Schmooze (together with Junior Congregation) and breaks away for a fully interactive prayer service featuring a special siddur for children in this age group. After prayers, Mini Minyan will join back up with Junior Congregation for Jewnior Games, a fun and exciting new program to Beth Emeth that brings Judaism to life! Mini Minyan kicks off Saturday September 10. We're so excited about this new program!

RE-IMAGINED Junior Congregation - Shakin' Up Shabbat! Grades 3+

Special interactive, youth-oriented Shabbat and holiday morning services run weekly from September to June (excluding school breaks).  The program includes prayers, games, and other surprises! The program begins at 10AM outside the Chapel for Shmeer & Schmooze. After engaging and meaningful prayers from our brand-new youth siddurim, take part in Jewnior Games, a fun and exciting new program at Beth Emeth. These Jewish-themed games and activities engage and excite children of all ages. Come and give it a try! Junior Congregation will begin again on Saturday September 10.

Monthly Shabbat Youth Kiddish

For all our participants in the Gan Shabbat, Mini Minyan and Junior Congregation service.

Saturday September 10     |      Saturday October 22      |      Saturday November 19

Saturday December 17      |      Saturday January 14      |      Saturday February 18

Saturday March 11             |      Saturday April 8 - Chocolate Seder

Saturday May 6                  |      Saturday June 17

Sponsor a Youth Kiddish in honour of a special occasion such as your child or grandchild’s birthday or other milestone. Please contact for further details.


Youth Programs

Chocolate Seder

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